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What is our response?

I watch the tragedy unfolding with implications no nightmare has yet dreamed, with catastrophe written all over the shoreline… I watch the criminal egregious reckless greed of the oil industry, congress, etc and  I want to cry – to throw up.

What do we say?  How do we pray?  What happens “when” a tropical storm flings this mess miles inland, destroying global wetland treasures and our defensive barriers?  What happens when it is flung up the east coast on the currents?  What do we say when we know there were simple blow out measures that would have inexpensively prevented this?  What do we say when the government was lackadaisical and apathetic?  What do we say when congress had the Santa Barbara disaster of 1969 and never did a thing?
Please, may we not be apathetic. May we be moved to action and righteous anger.

What do we say when the ethos of American capitalism is greed, self promotion and not the best of us all long term over the bottom line this quarter?

Shame, shame, shame, may we sit in silence, shame and repent for our own society.  May we speak with conviction, non-compromising renegotiation of what is acceptable, and may we speak for the thousands whose lives and businesses are now ruined and BP is hedging taking care of them…already.


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