A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!


Whether you are Catholic, liturgical protestant, evangelical… doesn’t matter for this one.
Look at the link below.  It’s the “have your say” the BBC is running asking Britains their view of the Pope coming to visit.

BBC “Have Your Say” on Pope’s Visit

Sure, in any open sourced pole like this, you’ll be greeted with some obnoxious bitter types, but it is the weight of the froth, the so overwhelming.  I read over 200 before I saw one positive.

As a Christian, this is scary…  The UK is beyond secularism – it’s bitter, toxic and lost.  Now for the yanks reading – rather than tisk, clucking your tongue and dismissing them, may we be moved with a passion and burden for the land that has sent more missionaries than the US has and we’re much, much bigger in population.  May we be moved to pray, to ask the Lord of the harvest…


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