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Life in a second – changed

Today I had to go to Lafayette for a meeting.  I had just left, anticipating a quiet drive home (2 hours).  I was three blocks away and with no warning – I was hit in the driver’s door by a car doing at least 40 mph.  They tell me the car went up on a 45 degree angle and they thought it would roll.  A lighter car would have.  We then hit a traffic light pole and it came down.  I walked away.  Thanks Volvo!

The frame is buckled, the damage significant, inside and out.  The axle broken…  I expect I’ll never see it again.  I expect it’s totaled.

I write because:
1.  I had prayed three hours driving from Biloxi (1 hour east of NOLA and now a commuter suburb) and was just about to pray (a lot to pray about).
2.  I was thinking of selling it for a lower petrol (gas) consumption car and lower maintenance costs.
3.  I was supposed to drive our little VW today.
4.  Life is good, I am busy, it was a normal day…  WHAM – no warning, no time to brace, no time to swerve, no time to say no, no time to hit the breaks, no time to do anything.  No time to pull my legs away from the door, or lean away…. it was, a pole was coming down… In fact, it KNOCKED THE COVER ON MY PHONE OFF!  I can’t find 1/2 of it!  Stuff went everywhere in the car.

You see in a moment, life changed.  In a moment, I’ll never drive that car again.  In a moment, I could have died.  In a moment – no time for goodbye, or anything…

I’m not in a hospital.  I’m not dead.  My kids were not in the car.  No one else was in the car.  I have a good insurance policy.  I had the safest car made.  I don’t have catastrophic medical bills that can ruin us.



3 responses

  1. Karen Hanson

    So Grateful for Guardian Angels and for airbags….!

    May God use this to further your testimony, Mike.
    Hug each other and let go of all that was bothering you up to this point in the day!

    19 September 2010 at 00:06

  2. Very thankful you are writing this post accident. Love that God has something for you in this moment.

    19 September 2010 at 10:03

  3. Mike – those are some CRAZY pictures. WHAM!!!!!!!!!!!! is right. Praise the Lord you’re safe. The light post is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh. we’re coming up on the 4 year anniversary of our big accident. We were T boned by a Lincoln navigator in our Mercedes SUV. If we were in our old Ford Taurus, we would have been killed. If it wasn’t snowing, we wouldn’t have slid, and could of been killed. Anyways… TTYL! Keep bloggin’!

    20 September 2010 at 00:22

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