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From the Mouth of Babes

I know, I know, we were so mean – we never told our children there was a Santa Claus.  It wasn’t a die on a sword decision.  It wasn’t a moral travesty either.  We simply felt it taught children that nothing is as it seems, it’s fake, don’t believe, and it has them focused and celebrating materialism and greed.  I know – there are many, many thoughts on this subject.  We do NOT solicit others to do so, do not pass judgment on those who do not agree with us for whatever reason.  It simply was our decision.  We wanted them to be grateful, know they are loved and enjoy the gifts that we, family and friends give. Mostly though, we wanted the focus on Christ’s birth.  With the addictive marketing, cultural ethic of stuff, we opted out and wanted to make it easier to remember and celebrate the day with appropriate focus.  We taught our boys to not spoil it for others and they never did, and to simply answer the question “What did Santa bring you?” and not enter into discussion and moral tryst everytime the question is posed – which is often the week or two following Santa Day…  We celebrate Christmas. 🙂  Okay, just a friendly poke.  You know exactly what I mean by it though.   We’re not judging others and hope they don’t judge us.  Believe me, our boys are fine without having had the lie of Santa pushed on them.

With this disclaimer stated, a neighbor of ours just shared this story of her son, who is a great friend of our boys.  He got in the car after school with tears welled up in his 10 year old eyes.  He had JUST discovered there is no Santa.  I was amazed that he “lasted that long”. You naturally think he’s either a) had his hopes crushed by other kids laughing at him, or b) figured out the logistics of how many people in our city alone, much less the world!

But no, it was much more than that – worth this story/blog!  He cried and choked out that he knew there was no Santa, because he’s seen the homeless people and the poor and he knows they are not getting gifts at Christmas, so there is absolutely no way Santa is real.
If only every family nurtured such character, posture for others and esteem of character mores – which we are sorely in need of today.  Bravo to our neighbors for developing a son with such a heart and eyes “that see” already.




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