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The Elitist Paradigm

Today I heard a song on the radio… you know how some stations play different, rarer, sometimes off things on the radio on a Sunday afternoon?  This song was about how we “severed the ties” of home and family as we left to this new world of hope and freedom, and embraced this land of freedom to do what we basically pleased without account.

I know – most Americans right now are saying something along the lines of “ya d***ed right”.  Hmm.  Funny how this is our central trait of what it is to be an American and still almost everyone is agreeing, defiantly agreeing.

Problem – it is exactly opposite of God’s design and even command.  I am being burned in effigy now!  You see, our own social cultural waters we swim in are so deeply intertwined with our theology that we can’t tell the difference.  If you read your Bibles, you’ll see a command of a life of sacrifice, a life of deference of rights, a life of dependence on God, making Him the object and hope of our hearts….not a nation state – a form of government, a group of people on the same geography.  Funny, how this song glorifies the early colonials who sailed here…  Many did so to worship without persecution.  Most sailed here for opportunity – financial!  This freedom from systemic boundaries was more important than the connection with family and friends, more important that the land they were born in, which we hold such esteem for the land we were born in today.  …  funny, we esteem them leaving and we criticize and attack anyone who suggests that today when our grievances are greater than they were in 1775, there are issues worth standing up and saying enough and actually doing something about it.  We won’t…

America (alias the USofA), has been blessed and along the way a Messianic persona has developed.  This impulse began almost two centuries ago, let to a self righteous, “sovereign” self perception  that saw us attack other colonial and indigenous peoples because we are “mandated”, called, and favored above others as His chosen – even His “new Israel”.

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In our day, it has justified our over involvement in other nations internal affairs, our self appointed role to dictate reality to the world, and justified our burial of our children in ways of questionable origins, giving us a wife berth of “just war”.  For the record:  Iraq was one such war.  Afghanistan was and is much more complex and not as easy to condemn.

It has fed and helped ease the guilt of behaving like empire, though we equal or surpass most of the empires we criticize today and of the past.  It has helped justify acting in greed, for corporate greed, for keeping our resources to ourselves.

Make no mistake, while never being truly a Christian nation, there was a time when the influence of God, the church and his people was much more a reality.  God did use the USofA in many instances.  The danger though is the same as Israel’s mistake… thinking it was a done deal.

Today, we face some of the greatest challenges in our short history – issues that far more call for revolution than the issues of 1775.  NO, I am not calling for conflict or revolution.  NO, I’m not a Nader fan, certainly not a Tea Party fan – the party of “me”, not am I some activist who even believes there is a solution in political activism, though I do believe we must participate in the system.

I simply see our soon demise if there is not drastic, cataclysmic change in how we as a nation behave.  My fear, and admittedly, my expectation is that we certainly will not act, and therefore we will be relegated to “has been’s”, not even in the top ten nations.   I always wondered how a nation, an empire like that of the America would become a has been like the empires of the past…  So, this is how….

1.  A Massive addiction to services, even when it is spending more than we make, and when there comes a day of reckoning to even the ledger.  That day approaches quickly.  This alone will be the most mighty impact on our presence, way of life and standard of living.  It will be sudden (in historic perspective) and painful.  I foresee many even ending their lives, depression because of our consuming addictions.

2.  A moraless compass that justifies, worships, esteems and will fight and sacrifice over individual rights and freedoms, over what is good, what is right, what is best for all of us and each of us.  We forget those verses of judgment:  Woe to those who call good bad and bad good.

3.  A failed political system – completely absolutely worthless federal governing system where there is not governance, is not political working together for the people, but infighting, and groping for power over what is best, right and just.  A system completely dictated and controlled by money through lobbyists.  This one issue could bring down our government even before the fiscal irresponsibility and in fact the fiscal nightmare is the child of the infighting and captivity of the special interest groups who actually dictate the country’s direction….from the military industrial complex to the insurance lobby, the farmers lobby, etc.

4.  Lack of moral will for anything right over what we addictively MUST have.  Shame on us.  We are no longer a people of virtue, dignity, and God.  Were we ever, or have robbed Peter to pay Paul one time too many and it’s just too far, too late and we reap what we sow?


Oh to have leaders of character, conviction, shrewd leaders who lead the people to where we must go, not just where we want to go.






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