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Replicating Communitas – It’s Time

It is the mandate of Communitas to create communities of transformation in culturally influential cities in the US and internationally.

Pragmatically, we’re targeting the creative class cities, those global places where the innovators gather.  At four and a half years, we had hoped to be ahead of where we are now.  Yet God has been forging our charisms, our DNA, our model, our mission with the first community.

Now, with the growth in the community of those who will be with us long term, for a life, and the long growing list of proselytes discerning joinging us, with the growing support of our mission, our mother order, InnerCHANGE, and foundations excited about what we’re doing, it’s time.

Last Sunday, a much colder than normal day, during the frigid blast that unsettled the entire continent, we struck out, even though New Orleans was not spared the cold.  For us, the temperatures in the 40’s (F) (5-9C), is extreme-our thin blood isn’t accustomed to it.

But it’s time…

A neighborhood of bohemians (aka innovators) – full of artists, creative types, musicians, writers, poets, and thinkers, this is our target.  Few people are engaging this sub-culture and those that are are not usually effective.

Why bohemians?  Cause it’s cool?  No – actually, it’s harder.  While chic and cool, gritty and “cutting edge” in most circles, it’s a neighborhood several of us have been frequenting for a long while, praying about, waiting.  Why here?  Because the innovators determine culture – and God isn’t present in the people who shape and determine where we’re going as a culture.  Some Christians check out – aka late adpaters and resisters.  Rather than withdrawing, rather than surcoming, we will become part of the neighborhood, but not of this world, we decided to engage it.  Like St. Patrick’s monastic movement that re-evangelized the UK and Europe, we’ll move in next to them and bring life where there was none before.

Only the chic need apply.  You know the young, gritty, cool, know how to flow… uh, no.  The called will go.  It’ll be harder way of life than most have known.  It’ll be more dangerous spiritually.  The darkness is quite evident.  It’ll be the ones who can best translate hope of Christ to this post-everything culture.  Some may want to go, but are best and bring God the most pleasure in the Uptown.  SOme may want to stay, but they know where they can best serve.  Some may stay or go, knowing they’ll be moving to another city or overseas in a few years…

What we don’t have is control.  God is driving this thing.  We’re building a nice leadership base in this city, that will allow us to launch wider next.

What’s holding us up?
1.  Simply and first – waiting for God and wanting to do this well and right, not knee jerk.
2.  Getting more of the more recent additions grounded and ready to go help lead this thing.
3.  Money.  While we have a foundation behind us, our mother order behind us, our mission behind us – it’s a hard sell to most Christians who are not being taught about incarnation as the way to reach people and bring about deep change.  We can read about the Celtic monks of St Patrick who re-evangelized the UK and Europe, but we’re in a society of bigger is better and instant everything… even though it doesn’t work, we still bite at the glitz.  We don’t have a lot of churches advocating digging in and digging deep.  So, in a hard economy, it’s hard to raise support, but we’re working at it – hard.

Pray for us, stand with us, hold the rope, support us – become part of what God is doing, not just here, but in the future with and through us.


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