A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

I wish this was… …our dream.

See later added note at end…

This sticker is on the front doors of St Peter and Paul Church in the Faubourg Marigny.

Pray with us.

We have a dream…
St Peter & Paul Church, Faubourg Marigny, New Orleans

We plan to launch a 2d community in the Faubourg Marigny in the summer of 2012. We actually want to go this summer – but we want to do this well, and there are a host of new peeps to assimilate, some weddings, some huge trips and the big hurdle – $$$.

This church was first opened in 1848 and probably took several years to build. It closed in 2001, after 162 years. Now there is not one open church for a long distance!

We have been praying about this for two years. It has the main church, an activities building (aka a great gym!), a rectory and a second building, a huge parking lot and is totally enclosed behind fences.

The “church hall” activities building

The dream….
– Get the Archdiocese to give it to us, or give us a long term lease for a $1 a year!
– Get the old building demolished, saving the front facade.
– Build an entrance building, with covered play area behind, two modular pre-fab buildings for a pre-school, and with drop-off for walk up and drive through as there are gates for just such in the parking area.
– Turn the activities building into just that… gym for basketball and volleyball, community meetings, dance hall, etc.
– Turn the rectory building into a house for three families, and our study.
– Turn the church into a multi-faceted building that includes a santuary, but not yo’ daddy’s church… envision with us a working art gallery and studio for locals, with martini lounge seating in the center, café with food, coffee, wine and nice beers that stays open late, can be used for art shows, and on Sunday evenings, a meeting place for a Christian Collective (aka a church – as a body of saints following Christ, but a name not loaded in a post-Christian culture like the F.M.).

Pray with us!

The Rectory
Okay, I admit it: I wan the upstairs street side bedroom.

Added note 3 January 2011:
In praying through this opportunity, one thing continues to strike us:  stay true to call.  Transformative change in lives, in souls, occurs in bottom-up, incarnational, relationships.  This could become an albatross quickly…. sure, if some one wanted to take it and run with it… we might be involved with the “Christian Collective” worshipping there, but we’d need to remain free to be and do what we’re called to do, and not become entangled, identified as part of, sponsor of, whatever developed – whether that was successful, or a flop.  Nothing is worse in incarnation, than getting labeled as part of the machine… especially in a context like the F.M.  So, even when I speak passionately, convincingly, I/we are working to remain teachable, open and to listen.


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