A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!


lemming |ˈlemi ng |
a small, short-tailed, thickset rodent related to the voles, found in the Arctic tundra. • Lemmus, Dicrostonyx, and other genera, family Muridae: several species, in particular the Norway lemming ( L. lemmus), which is noted for its fluctuating populations and periodic mass migrations.
• a person who unthinkingly joins a mass movement, esp. a headlong rush to destruction : the flailings of the lemmings on Wall Street.
ORIGIN early 18th cent.: from Norwegian and Danish; related to Old Norse lómundr.

Look  at this blog by Jon Foreman.

Jon Foreman OUTSIDE THE FENCE:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-foreman/post_1195_b_777344.html

What is more interesting than the social arrogance of dictated social style in clothes, music, entertainment, etc by 5th Avenue, is the new dictated social “in” by 5th Avenue which is now using the “rebellious” mediums and in-planted innovators to forward their dictation and control of the social/cultural trends.

Even more amazing is the blindness of the “un-norm cool un-cool” failure to realize they equally dictate social norm, fashion, “in” and “cool” as much as 5th Avenue does.  So, they’ve replaced the “experts” and become the new “experts”.

Remember when bell bottoms were in?
Remember when Wayfarers were in?
Oops!  They’re in …again… 3d time’s a charm!


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