A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Lumen Hilare

Latin:  Lumen Hilare
Greek:  Φῶς Ἱλαρόν
English:  Hail Gladdening Light!

As I get older, the noise of life gets louder.  The noise of Christians sorting this tittle and that jot gets louder.  The noise of doing, carrying-on in work of the Kingdom and in life’s demands gets louder.

I long for, seek; no yearn for the deep presence of God.  I find myself wanting to be in the powerful silence of His presence.  I long to stop talking, stop asking, stop discerning, stop strategising, stop striving…I long for Him – not to understand, not to know, not to think through, not for facts, not for purpose or being sent.  Just Him.

In my twenties, I never thought I’d reach a place where life got noisy and at times, even burdensome.  Yet, it does at times.  It leaves me tired.  I rest, get up, lean in and go.  I want to do that and will continue to do that.  Yet, as never before I yearn for God -for Christ Himself… not about Him, but Him.

The traditions of the liturgical are satisfying for my soul.  I don’t know if you’ve ever faced this, but in the midst of yearning for Him, I hope you join me if you have yet not.


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