A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!


In the midst of chaos, horror, tragedy, SILENCE!
Know that He is still yet God!
Though we do not understand, reason, perceive and see only suffering, SILENCE.

Choose to trust the Living God in the torent.

Our hearts are breaking for Christchurch and the entire Canterbury region of New Zealand.  The death toll will rise significantly, the cost unmeasurable.  Tiny NZ has now experienced only what New Orleanians can understand.  We here in New Orleans, Yanks and Kiwis alike, watch and pray and mourn.

Many are inquiring about Susanne’s family and our friends there.  Most of Susanne’s family is on the North Island and all are fine.  We’ve heard from most of our friends.  Thus far, all are safe, though most have significant if not horrific damage to their homes/businesses/churches.

Your prayers are appreciated and thoughts of us cherished.

How do we respond?  Silence… mourning, not questions.  Grieving, not tirades.  Peace, not noise.  Pray for them, look for ways to make the smallest difference to let them know they are not forgotten!

From New Orleans, we “get it”.  We pray and weep with you.  It will get better – we know this better than anyone… It is a LONG road.  We know this better than anyone.  BUT, it will get better and your joy will return one day.  Peace to you NZ, the complete Shalom of the Living God to you.


One response

  1. Thanks for blogging this mike. Appreciated.

    It’s all mind blowing, and we’re not even there.

    Whole country in shock, can’t imagine what it’s like actually in chch.

    I was in AKL on business mon-wed so quake happened mid trip. Felt very separated from family. Couldn’t help but reflect that when I do travel to CHC – not so often, but once or twice a year – I usually stay in CBC hotels, all of which are in the worst damaged area.

    Praying …

    23 February 2011 at 16:17

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