A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Over 200

The death toll in Christchurch grows, and will continue to grow.  The expected loss of 120+ at the Canterbury TV station alone, is greater than one can bear.

It seems surreal and we ache over an absolutely BEAUTIFUL city being lost!

Personally, our friends there appear safe, some having evacuated.

We know they are bewildered, no future defined… the reality of mortgages still due will hit soon, yet no income available…  This was true here.  People asking why you want a handout – may that not be your experience!  May the world continue to stand with you, friends.  May people help you in the real physical needs in the coming weeks and months.

For now, bury your lost ones, care for the wounded, talk about your ache and experience and find ways to get away from it.  Rest lots!  You won’t be able to focus and read, so return to the prayers of our fathers and allow them to be a balm for this season.

It’s okay to laugh when it does come, usually at the strangest times.  Don’t feel guilty – it is a normal coping mechanism.  Allow emotions to flow… That’s hard for Kiwi’s, but to be healthy and move forward you’ll need to, though right now you don’t care.

Hold to your city – don’t give up and walk away… though the road is long – it is YOUR city and YOUR people and you NEED each other… work together, mend the fences relationally and work together.  Define your future and do not allow anyone else to do so.


You’re not forgotten, Christchurch!




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