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We forget the plight of the persecuted church too easily!

In our world of western life, where we battle consumerism, materialism, individuality, independence and narcissism  – our little gods of this age, we become self absorbed.  Even in the wrestling with the future of the church in post-Christendom, we forget the reality for much of the church… we forget those really facing tribulation and persecution.

Steve Addison (CRM Australia) published this yesterday:
Bible sales surge in China

17 June, 2011


Sales of Bibles in China are at record levels. There is only one company licensed to print bibles in China—the government-owned bible printing house which has 600 workers flat out printing 1 million bibles a month.

The company has recently printed its 80 millionth bible and is still struggling to keep up with demand.

China’s unofficial house churches have been caught up in recent government crackdowns on dissent. Yet the government is still making money by selling bibles to the same Christians it is locking up.

Let us not forget that they are truly persecuted.  The Chinese government is not known to offer degrees, television or basketball in prison.  They are not even known for feeding prisoners.

it is reported that there are over 176,000 Christians martyrs per year…  482 per day, one every three minutes!


.  Another reports tell us the figures, impossible to get reliable statistics globally in despot nations, is more like 250,000 per year:  684 per day, almost three per minute!

Pray for the King of Peace to return and establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.


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