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The Theology of Me, Part 2

Market slammed again, Dow sheds 634 points

Market slammed again, Dow sheds 634 points

Well, the S&P’s downgraded the US rating from AAA to AA… we are no longer the #1 nation in the world.  The markets respond accordingly.  Why the downgrade?  Simple – runaway debt spending more than we take in for five decades!  It’s not a DNC or a GOP issue… the debt rose more under the unassailable R Reagan than any other.  The other reason, we didn’t handle the economic disaster in 2008.  The banks, the financial investors and oil companies make record profits, no one charged and they do so consuming our own hide… stripping the US economic fuel for the future to do so.  Last reason:  our federal government (congress and the executive, especially the Tea Party Caucus played brinkmanship with the world’s livelihood and no one, no one has confidence they CAN resolve this.

We do not act responsibly, do pay tax fairly, and do not act collectively as a people, but rather embrace the American virtue of “me” – “my prosperity”, “my rights”, “my freedom”.  Now we pay for it and we’ll most probably never be where we once were.

By the way, hard to have AAA stocks in a AA nation.  The slow economic outlook just took a dive.

We will not solve this without increased revenue, reformed tax system, and a social system reform… it’s all in, or all drown.


Why discuss this here?  Simple – not because we have a role to speak up – we do.  Not because we should be a voice for our government to act with the character God demands, and we should, but because in these time we a) must be God’s hands for those in need.  There are and are going to be many in real need; and b) the future of the church is lay leadership.  Be you missionary, pastor, or…  our future as supported sent ones is coming to an end.  The Gospel will no longer be able to travel on the commercial slick marketing, but relationally, sacrificially.  Maybe it will lead to a real revival …in our own western devolving culture?  Exciting times!


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