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Invitation to think anew

A friend of mine, Alan Hirsch, said this, “I want to invite you to think anew about the church, knowing that more of the same isn’t going to do it…it if worked, we’d have done it by now.”

He also said this, “To love is to suffer…and that’s probably why we don’t do it that well.”

Hmm.  Christ never told us to go do program, or mass appeal, or marketing, or attractional consumer defined gospel.  He never said be the social-cultural police of our society.  He simply said to love.  To love costs. It requires your resources – time, money, energy, heart, comfort, security, being right, winning.  Love means you sacrifice yourself, as living sacrifices.  It means getting in people’s lives, sharing life, intentional relationship, problems, messing with sins, messing with hurt people who hurt people, speaking truth in love…  couched in safe real relationships.  That’s incarnation (word into flesh).

This – this will save a post-Christian lost world.  When the world is no longer listening to the words that come from the church, the presence of Christ in peoples’ lives is compelling.


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