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Who gives the most and the least…

The most and least generous nation states will not surprise most.  Note China – the future global power.  What implications are in this peak?

The most charitable countries are:
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Ireland
4. Canada
5. Switzerland
6. USA
7. Netherlands
8.  United Kingdom
9. Sri Lanka
10. Austria

The least charitable countries are ( 1= least)
1. Madagascar
2. Burundi
3. Ukraine
4. Serbia
5. Greece
6. Lithuania
7. China
8.  Bangladesh
9. Rwanda
10. Romania

For kicks, Haiti (one of the poorest nations on the planet) is in the top 25%, where 40% of the population gives to charities and 38% have contributed this quarter.

Source:  Guardian.co.uk


Most generous states in the US:
1. Utah
2. Maryland
3. New York
4. Connecticut
5. California
6. Hawaii
7. New Jersey
8. Georgia
9. South Carolina
10.North Carolina

Some noteworthy items:
1.  The wealther the state, the less they tend to give.
2.  Southern states gives the most by region (2.2% of income)
3.  New England gives the most to secular causes
4.  Southerners gives more to faith based charities
5.  82% of people in Connecticut give to charity; 65% of Georgians
6.  The average giving to charity 2%.  The average by Christians – 2%
7.  Americans gave (private donations) $248B in 2011.
8.  Christians do tend to give more than secular people.
9.  While wealthy people give more overall dollars, poor people give > 30x’s in % of their income than do their wealthy counterparts
10.  The top 40 wealthiest people in the USA make more than the bottom 150 million.



Source:  Forbes.com




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