A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Now, the cost of being a barbarian…

Barbarians, hear a call, a voice, that guides and leads them.  They follow it without regard for the competing noise and demand for their attention…

To refuse to be domesticated, or to throw off the domestication will bring resistance from every direction in your world.  Those around you will demand you conform to the status quo and be incensed that you are upsetting the balance, hurting them even, by changing and renegotiating the relationships – they do not see a need to renegotiate.  I’m not advocating being a jerk about it.  I saw a joke poster today about a guy who goes to heaven and Peter meets him at the gate and says, “Yea, you believe, but you missed the part about being a jerk about it.”.  So, this transformation takes time and skill to navigate wisely, but that cannot be mistaken for capitulating… a barbarian does not compromise, or deny that voice’s call and compelling drive.

It will cost – some will not handle the shift and even break or back away.  Some will go quiet and even critical, even malign you to others.  It will hurt and there is real loss.  Like a barbarian who paid the price of no settled home, no settled safe, comfortable life, no normal society with rules of law, no amassing of stuff….  To go from the farm to being a barbarian will make many think you are nuts!  …Even if you do follow Him and hear Him…they haven’t.   🙂

The key is the voice you hear!  To whom do you listen?  Where is it calling/directing/leading/wooing you?  Then – confirmation that you are hearing this voice correctly!  BUT do not deny or mistake a call to toss off being domesticated, to toss off settling for normal, for rational and tamed fire….  If and when He does call you to more.

The cost?  It will burn your bones from within to deny whom you are called to follow.  Burn the ships, go, never look back.

In my journey, it has caused pain, loss, even bitterness and feeling of abandonment and betrayal.  I confess that.  Yet, I had to adhere and obey His voice as He called me from the normal, from the safe, from the predictable to the untamed life as an apostolic missionary in a role that has me mostly with people who do not (yet) follow the Christ.  It has made all the difference.



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