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Recant or Die!

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani of Tehran, Iran, has been convicted by the highest court in Iran of apostasy.  He has been given an option to either recant his faith in Christ, or he will be executed – publically.

This is the same Iran who’s constitution secures freedom in faith.  This is the same Iran who’s (uhm hmm) president just said last week at the UN that it is the new safe haven for those seeking freedom.  This is the same safe nice face of Islam we hear about – just radicals do the crazy mean stuff, not legitimate governments.

I could go on for hours in outrage and fury, but it is time for us to pray.  We are wusses when it comes to prayer.  We pray a few seconds and call it good.  We’re not good a laboring exhausting prayer – prayer that sees impact – at all.

It is time to pray.  It is time to pray for this man, this fellow saint, this fellow follower.  Pray for him, his family, the courts, the president, for the spiritual war at hand.

In closing – remember the thousands who are martyred and it never makes the press EACH MONTH!


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