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Joan d’Arc, understated hero

In a world where heroes are in very short supply, take a moment and do a fast Google search for Joan of Arc (Joan d’Arc).  This girl (mere 16 when she saved the real French leadership) convinced a king and generals (in a very male dominated culture!) of God sending her to lead the people – she did so impoverished, humble as a peasant girl, not in shining marketed publicity.

The Spiritual Authority she carried from her short life of piety, convinced the King and generals.  She led them to victory in the relief of Orleans.  Later, she was captured by the English, tried in an ecclesiastical court and not surprisingly condemned.  They burned her at the stake and she would not recant God’s voice in her life.

One day I’ll visit her in glory and we shall talk and I come to understand how this teen maid experienced God’s mighty hand in her life.


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  1. Joan d’Arc is one of my personal heroes. Except for her military prowess, her story is truly a paridigm of Christ. The treachery of the Dauphin and the English seems the mirror image of what Christendom has done and is doing with Christ. There’s nothing quite like building your kingdom, power, and worldly security on the reputation of Jesus Christ, while failing to follow his example.

    Jesus said he had no place to lay his head, but denominations are held together by their Retirement Funds. Jesus told us to sell our possessions and give to the poor, but we’re far too wise to take that literally. Jesus warned us that we search the scripture for him, but fail to come to him.

    We call ourselves Christians, but it makes no difference. We have taken his name, little Christs, but in vain. Talk about taking the Lord’s name in vain.

    7 November 2011 at 05:19

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