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Something to think about…

Michelle Rhee, founder and CEO of StudentsFirst, and former Chancellor of the Washington, DC public school system, said this today on CBS National News,

“We’ve lost the American competitive spirit.  If you look at how we’re raising our kids today, and the culture we are creating, we’re spending so much time making children feel good about themselves that we’ve lost sight of putting the time in to actually make them good at something.”

There is something real to this – my kids, my varsity lacrosse players have a predetermined paradigm on life – that they do not have to work at it  – really take on a posture of practice and discipline to be good – that they can will it into being because they want to, because they are sincere.

I find it no different in forging disciples, or leaders, or in fact, my own spiritual disciplines.  I suck at it.

We live in a Babylonian culture mocked in the movie, Wall-E, of comfort, security, pleasure, indulgence and huge imagination and innovation, but we’ve come to believe we do not have to work at it – to train – to discipline ourselves.

Rubbish.  May we embrace the mandate given us and practice the long life of obedience and discipline to be transformed into people who are deadly dangerous in the Master’s hands… that our character, our fidelity, our desire is to love, serve and follow Him, to live sacrificial lives focused on bringing the Kingdom, not the American Dream or the American ideal… but the King’s – and they are not synonymous.

To fight a spiritual fight, while our weapons are not the weapons of this world; to sacrificially love and serve and be Jesus – it’s hard, real hard.  It takes work.  It doesn’t just happen.  Joel Osteen just happens.  Hudson Taylor just doesn’t happen.


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