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Core DNA of a culture

As a cultural story, consumerism exerts a shaping influence on virtually every aspect of life. Philip Sampson observes that “once established, such a culture of consumption is quite undiscriminating and everything becomes a consumer item.” Similarly, Don Slater notes, “If there is no principle restricting who can consume what, there is also no principled constraint on what can be consumed: all social relations, activities and objects can in principle be exchanged as commodities.” Even the gospel and the church can be overtaken by the consumerist spirit. When the church takes up the role assigned it within a consumer culture and allows itself to be shaped by that story, it becomes merely a vendor of religious goods and services. Clearly, the church must not accept this role in society; as Sampson argues, the “challenge for the church here is to take up its task in the reformation and renewal of all life, rather than becoming another isolated customer center.”

A Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story by Michael W. Goheen


So, the season begins with people gawking to spotlight in front of the TV cameras covering the “shopping” season…  all talking about the spirit of the season and the excitement …for what?  To do commerce.  Amazing… amazingly shallow, trite, meaningless, deceived, addicted and sad.  Funny part is even those of us who can’t stand this image, find it hard to really assign the weight of these words, true as they are.




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