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1 in four kids in the US live in poverty

Whether a liberal, a conservative, a “checked out of politics” or not…. we have some challenges that we must face that are far beyond ideology.  Just a few…

  • 1 in 4 kids lives in poverty in the US
  • 1 in 6 people lives in poverty in the US
  • 1% has more than the bottom 150M
  • You do not even want to know what % the top 2% have compared to the rest
  • Unemployment remains above 9%
  • The forecloser rate has a glut of unsellable houses, and a vast majority are now pear shaped in their house value to mortgage rate.
  • We spend FAR more on prisons than education
  • Military spending is way out of a sustainable proportion
  • Medical insurance is consuming more than 1/3 of people’s income …if they remain healthy
  • We now have a generational poverty that has systemically and psychologically messed up a who 15% of our population!
  • Our tax system is STUFFED!
  • Americans save FAR TOO LITTLE, spend FAR TOO MUCH, are way too addicted culturally to consumerism and materialism
  • Our economy is addicted to that same empty consumption instead of making stuff that matters – because of the short sighted economic vision to ship most real economic production overseas.
  • We consume 46% of the world’s production, but we’re only 6% of the population of the world.

Something is wrong….  How can we….

  • Live within our means as individuals, communities, a society
  • All sacrifice proportion to ability
  • All stop living as individuals and think as communities and a people
  • Fix the mess of generational poverty
  • Develop a sustainable healthy holistic economy that is not consumed on people buying what they can’t afford
  • Change the consumer culture we’re in
  • Fix the economic unethical mess we have in the financial world and the markets
  • Fix the medical insurance and healthcare disaster we’ve created in privatizing medicine
  • Fix the loss of ethics and moral fibre in our society
  • Fix our educational anemia
  • Stop being empire and swinging such a sustained military big stick
  • Change the mess in politics on both Capitol Hill and the Executive Branches

Let me tell you how the hope we have in some government fix will not do it; how political infighting and hating will not do it; how passing the right legislation cannot do it; how “winning” cannot do it…

Yep, there is no answer mankind can fix, and yes, it is Christ who can.  But it’s not that simple.  It starts individually, and then God’s people – who treat Him as an accessory, church as a consumable commodity, instead of the people of God we are part of and committed to, in spite of their failings.

Maybe some old fashioned commitment, staying dug in, working together, caring one life at a time instead of mass programs, our local schools in need instead of flash lifestyles?

May be gain the character of the Spirit’s Fruit… Love, patience….


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