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Okay, tell me you haven’t ever been here?



Okay, tell me you never felt this way?

Deny it?  Well, I have one thing to say to you: “Liar!”. 🙂


Seriously, we’ve all had people we just have less than the best emotions towards.  If not all the time, we feel this way part of the time.


A friend of mine went to a women in leadership training event held by our mission for women leaders we see growing into greater roles in the future.

During this time, they had exercise where each person came to a table set in a beautiful setting – food, candles, flowers.  When they sat there, they were handed a card that told them to picture themselves at a banquet with, of course, Christ.  Also, they were to imagine sitting there with an enemy – someone who’s name alone brings emotional reaction.

If you did this exercise, who would be sitting there facing you?  What you they say?  How would you react?  How would you feel?  How would you move through it?

Talk about “learning to follow in the way of Jesus”!  Wow – this is where spiritual formation, where discipleship, where following Jesus gets real.  It is where He challenges us to grow through our failings, our immaturity – no denying, minimizing, justifying.  It’s not because we are childish.  Rather, it is because we are human.  Yet, to become more like Him (Philippians 2.5-11), we are to be transformed even in these hard areas.  It’s hard.  It takes a real adult to do so.  It is not amassing more information, rather the transfiguring of our character – who we are at the center.

Following Jesus isn’t for wimps.  Ready to grow up?


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