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Advent-an expectant waiting

His arrival announced to shepherds by the royal messengers – angels sent to shepherds.  Shepherds were nobodies, couldn’t do anything better, rough necks, white trash, the n-word, hooligans, thugs, untrustworthy, not accepted or celebrated and certainly not esteemed.  Yet – God chose to announce to them – not those who “earned it”, not those in power, or the self pious, but to them.  What does one do with that?

The Magi – from Daniel and his three friends – descendants – Jewish exiles who stayed, who went native with the Babylonians…. who could read the stars (atronomy) and the signs …. stars aligning, planets inside of astrological signs…  a king was coming.

God chose to reveal His story to guys far away, long removed from His flock, who had embraced a world not His…  yet they searched and discovered and recognized the sign God gave them.

They traveled hundreds of miles across the dessert, with escorts surely, but in danger, to see a king, a baby who was born.  They arrived months later and when they discovered he was the child of two teen nobody peasants, they worshiped though it made no sense in society’s scale of value.

Amazing – amazing…  Joyeaux Noel.


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