A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

I want you to spend a lot…. says a lot!

My displeasure with the cheap consumption of PEOPLE by the US economy, where it has cheapened, hijacked, impersonated Christmas with a buy a lot if you love “that special joy and ‘spirit of the season’ rubbish”.

This poster just says it all.

How about we go into a frigid clear night – see the stars, recognize we are small, yet matter, and how He loves us so – then Christmas has value and there is something to celebrate knowing the Living God cares enough to come to us because we’re so lost we can’t come to Him – it began in Bethlehem, and ended two miles away @ Golgatha outside the gates of Jerusalem…and we did it.  He knew the story already and did it anyway…that’s love.  That’s the “spirit of the season” and I can have real joy, not temporal manufactured joy.



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