A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!


Tonight we had dinner with a life long friend and his family, including their parents.  After so many years, you get perspective when you see his dad and mom, who’ve you known since before they are my age now, and their kids – one graduated from university tonight – and the next one with a full beard.  You get perspective as never before – it’s fast, it’s seasons that come as they come and go – and we’re really small in this big thing called life.  It’s not our life – it’s life – we simply get to participate in it.  Anything other is an illusion.

Take this picture – it was posted by a friend of mine, Mike Frost in Sydney, to his Facebook page.  It’s a storm that blew up fast on Sydney a few weeks ago.  Cool, huh?  Massive, huh?  And…did you note the tiny sail boat, that’s not so tiny in the lower left corner of the shot.  Imagine the ocean swelling up, the storm in full 360 degree with the wide open horizon all around, as it loomed over you like a giant beyond imaginable size.

It puts life in perspective – So, we we get wound up over the small, the big, the trivial, the important, remember perspective…  we’re all wound up about things that we cannot control and are small for the most part.  One hundred years, when our grave markers of whatever type are faded a bit, if they are still there and we’re not relocated to some mass grave, and when NO ONE remembers us at all…  what matters then.

May we get up and focus on the truly eternally important with every breath.


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