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Mark Driscoll might want some salt for the big foot in his mouth…

Discoll has done it again!  He just can’t “play nice”, be polite, civil, respectful, imagine anyone, anyone having one thought outside of how he views the world.  He dictates “RIGHT theology” and anyone doing, thinking, expressing anything different is attacked, demeaned, disrespected and he proves his base level of thinking ability.

Ever read Fowler’s Stages of Faith work?  You should.  Mark is stuck in a stage 3, black and white, theology and world view on an excel spread sheet… threatened by anyone else.  SAD!  What is worse – the THOUSANDS who eat it up, never ask questions, express doubt, wrestle ideas and how one guy interprets anything, starting with Scripture.  AND if they did – they would be shunned, alienated and publicly humiliated for daring to challenge Himself.

What am I on about?  How does Mark deal with ANYTHING different?  How does he deal with anyone who disagrees with him?  People who don’t know Jesus, much less enemies?  He denies Christ by not treating anyone, starting with other Christians with gentleness, love and respect.  He proves himself a complete failure as a missiologist because he passes trite judgement without one effort to examine and understand contexts other than the center of the freaking planet – the new Los Angeles… Seattle.

Driscoll mouths off in in Christianity today this month indicting, insulting and attacking ALL BRITISH PASTORS!  What a jack-arse!  What an arrogant pratt.  What the.., Discoll!?

Read this:

Driscoll says British pastors are “a bunch of cowards”

By  Drew Dixon– January 12, 2012

Mark Driscoll, in a statement for Christianity Magazine, recently said [click here to read the article]:

Let’s just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don’t have one – that’s the problem. There are a bunch of cowards who aren’t telling the truth.

Andrew Finden responded appropriately, wondering if Driscoll has an unhealthy bias toward famous, multi-site, mega-church pastors:

Putting aside the (frankly, wearisome) hyperbole, am I wrong in seeing Driscoll want to apply a kind of one-size-fits-all approach (e.g. famous & young) to churches in the UK? Just because there’s no household name, beamed into multi-site churches across the country each week, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t faithful leaders, young and old, teaching the bible, preaching the gospel, stirring their communities on to love and good works, and holding them accountable. In fact, if Driscoll had even visited some of the churches in the UK he’d know that, even in the CofE, it is a egregious stereotype to paint them as “guys in dresses preaching to grandmas”. We shouldn’t assume that unless someone is doing everything the way we would do it, that the important things are not getting done! . . .

It really is a shame to see the good things overshadowed by the stupid things, and I’m actually glad that there is not an all-american smack-down celebrity pastor or culture in the UK. I’m very glad for the faithful and challenging bible teaching I sat under when I was there.


Dirscoll, have you ever even been there?  Visited and spoken to the fresh stuff going on?  Can you not be humble and see how we have NOTHING to criticize anyone?  The rate of anemic churches here equals there if not more!

Driscoll, you arrogant bully and brutish pratt.  You are not being courageous and brave to repeatedly do and say what you do – you and your church are bullies, mean, and you don’t smell like Jesus.  You smell like the GOP and it’s bullying and fear mongering.  You smell of hate, arrogance, ignorance, cognitive dissonance, horrible missiology, and an afraid small minded typical mega-church arrogant jerks.  I am ashamed of you.  I am ashamed of how you treat people, lead your church and the horrible example you leave.  The worst part Mark, is that you don’t get that there will be justice and judgement – even for saints… and you are going to be brought low.  I rebuke, exhort and indict you to repent from being so damned brutish and rude, arrogant and cruel.

To all my British friends – I apologize, ask your forgiveness for yet another self absorbed, simpleton, another Yankee Mega-Church Arse.  I apologize that the upstart Yankees, who are horrible missionaries, cannot critically think, respect, be kind, ask questions before concluding inaccurate, uninformed assumptions.

To my Yankee friends, I’ve spent a LOT of time in the UK during my life – there are some excellent things happening across the spectrum.  They’ve broken with the cultural trappings as they KNOW they’ve lost their society… we have too – we’re just too deluded to know it yet.  There are many fresh things happening in every denomination… and they don’t split the denomination to do it…  We can start with the Church of England…  There are dozens in London alone.  I’ve been to MANY, met many more and I’m proud of them.  They inspire me, teach me and give me courage to step forward into our post-Christian western cuture.

Sorry friends – may God bless the UK and the UK church.  May you again, show us the way as you did over the past two centuries.


3 responses

  1. “but for men who misuse their authority to advance their agenda, it seems applicable”

    The last line of “Pastor” Mark’s blog post “explanation” of the context of the interview is really about him, right?

    I’ve heard that it was Justin Brierly who interviewed him. I’ve listened to dozens of Justin’s radio show, “Unbelievable”. I find it hard to believe he was as rude and subjective as “Pastor” Mark claims.

    13 January 2012 at 01:00

    • Mark Hunter kindly shares Mark’s response to an obvious blitzkreig of condemnation he’s getting for his rude ill informed comments about the UK, condemning without asking, without knowing, without exploring… I appreciate that you’ve shared this, Mark and I’m keeping your comment here with the link to Mark’s response… but mate, he got it the ole fashion way… he spouts off and then suddenly comes to his senses and plays nice. BUT, you know, this is a trend with Mark – he has SUCH A HUGE public voice and he blows it up, over and over and over…. using it like a sledge hammer, rather than a place of encouragement. Mark misses that this temporal (emphasis temporal) celebrity is a stewardship gift that he could encourage and inspire saints to revolution. Yes, revolution… he could inspire an insurgency of saints who love the broken, love the lost, love the hurting, heal the social ills, etc. He could empower leaders to be bold, speak with grace yet truth. BUT instead, he spends his time alienating, pissing people off, and presuming some soverign rule on truth, on ecclesiology, on missiology. He’s a poser. He has no respect from me. He’s completely reckless and his damage far outweighs his contribution. He started raising communities of faith, he’s now a multi-campus mega guy who thinks HIS voice is the one EVERYONE needs to hear… local leaders (MALE ONLY BTW) aren’t allowed. Gotta love self absorption and control. He thinks that WHAT he says is the primacy of faith, rather than how he lives. The edge innovation has left him… He’ll be a MacArthur, a Piper, and inspire the narrow extreme right of the church and be completely left out of the transformation of the church happening just under the surface. So, Mark – thanks, mate. But his words do NOT reflect accuracy of what he said. His words were rude. His “explanation” is also known by other things – orderous in nature.

      13 January 2012 at 11:32

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for this post. I do not follow your blogs, but my sister and I were recently discussing Mark Driscoll and his new book about marriage and sex. During that conversation, my sister asked if I had seen your blog post about Driscoll and that you had received some negative backlash for the post. I’m not sure if this is exactly the post she was talking about, but I do appreciate it. The more I see and read about and from Mark Driscoll, the more it simply infuriates me to think that so many people devoutly follow him as though every word out of his mouth is the new word of God. I am truly bothered by the way he has become such an idol. Not to mention the fact that the messages I have heard him preach online are, at times, unbelievable. He yells at his his congregation, belittles women’s roles in society, preaches to the rich, degrades men who are not manly enough for his taste, and is (in my opinion) almost as homophobic as the Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church. I have heard him say that he would not misguide his congregation because he “loves” them, but how can he even know the names of the hoards of people who follow him? I suppose I could write a never-ending comment about my disgust and disrespect for Mark Driscoll, but I will leave it at what I have already written.

    My purpose with this comment is to simply thank you for this post despite any negative backlash you may have received.

    24 January 2012 at 09:40

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