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God and His hope for this world…and eternity

I appreciate the perspective many more mainline (liberal) movements have regarding the planet and things here today.  So often, evangelicals dismiss here and now, be it institutions, be it the planet, be it conservation and recycling, be it ecology and natural resources.  So often evangelicals have a “it’s all going to burn” perspective.

Yet, last I checked, God never once rescinded the mandate from Genesis on our responsibility to steward the creation – living, physical, plants, people.  In fact, He often is upset by our tolerance of injustice, shortage of mercy, gratuitous  approach to the creation itself and our consumer selfish consumption in greed, slovenly narcissism and the spirit of Babylon.

Take a read of Isaiah 58 and 61.  Then pop over to Psalm 119 and 139.

God cares for the injustice of our societies and we need and must be the ones prophetically standing up against it.  The bloody civil rights movement was so late coming and so painful and leaves yet such pain and bitterness because the church (people – us) failed in our mandate.  The Hitler Nazi nightmare happened because the church refused to stand up.

The ecological horrors, like the Gulf oil debacle last year happened because we do not demand responsibility over profit.  The creation and resources are being trashed because we’re simply selfish and like a child cannot fathom delayed gratification and better manage ourselves and we, the church, do not say anything.
It’s an idea who’s time has come.


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