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Reconcile being Christian with be empire…

I am not a pacifist.  I aspire to that – but know it will be in heaven before it is possible.  Pacifists, like pacifist nations are afforded such luxury when others stand up and confront evil.  I believe that.  I hate it is necessary, but it is.  It’s an evil world and getting more so as we unmore our culture from God and drift ever further out to sea.

I do long for a day when swords are beaten into plowshares.  God tells us, “one day”, “in the Kingdom”, but not here.

With this said, it is hard to imagine, to embrace “proclaiming the Kingdom of God and hacking to death the infidel during the crusades.  It is also hard to reconcile the inquisition with the Gospel of grace, peace and forgiveness.

It is still hard today to reconcile our involvement in empire using the swords of politics, economics, politics to promote the economics and the military power used to promote empire with the proclamation of the Kingdom.

Yet, many still hold to the myth of the United States as Christian nation, doing God’s will, some mystic Messianic anointing on the US to forward the reign of Christ on earth, thus making every action unassailable and making any who do a trader.

Yet that is our reality.  Show me a dedication to recognize the service and sacrifice of our military (I am a veteran who went, gave and gratefully came home), and I’ll show you a nationalist religious event where God’s blessing on empire is over arching in word, song, posture and attitude.

Back to the knight hacking the infidel who we attacked because he hacked the saint…  Jesus rules?  Rules what?


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