A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Will the church survive? Will the US survive?

It’s dark days and only a minority are truly concerned….  Either side of the Aisle politically has lost it!  The church is married to the state, the state is addicted to the corporate world as an addict to the needle.  The future is ugly, painful and worst part – the imago Dei dims hugely on the horizon of western society.

– the US House restores the $300M taken out of Defense, and uses $300M from social services to pay for it – in a time when 24% of Americans do not have health care, 9% are unemployed and another 14-15% are under employed.

– Congress is pushing through an Atlantic Sea Board Missile Defense System that the DoD says isn’t needed.

– Congress forces the DoD to maintain 10 Aircraft carrier groups when the DoD says every objective can be met by 6 AC groups.

– Governments controlled by GOP elected members are privatizing everything from retirement systems, to prisons, from schools to healthcare for the poor…  pushing the corporate approach to everything, forgetting and not realizing that these institutions will only streamline what they provide so that they can increase profits… for example in jails and prisons, they cut the rehabilitation and job training… so when these convicts get out they still have no hope, future or opportunity, so that the resistivity is at 80%… it’s good for business.

– The new healthcare reform is still extorted by the insurance system (think $) so that the left gets more care for the poor – this is good – but the people paying for it are the doctors.

– We’ve legalized buying politicians – and the supreme court approved it – so that any corporation or group can contribute to the candidacy of any politician …but it won’t buy and create a quid pro quo system… Yea, right.

– The GOP and DNC congresses under Clinton and both Bushes dismantled the banking regulatory systems because they said they “can referee themselves”… it gave us the 2008 meltdown, done mostly by the US markets… a few hundred shattered the lives of billions.  THEN in the reform, they’ve got congress whittling down the reforms to regulate and oversee the market and banking industry with the same argument as before.  Huh?  AND JP Morgan Chase loses $2B in ONE DAY…  If Chase is doing these very risky (think roulette table or craps) investment tools, you don’t think every other bank is not doing it – and our federal government, think our tax dollars, insures them if they lose it!  WHAAAAATTT?    Yet, there’s no need for regulation – it hinders “progress”

– The gap between normal people and the ultra rich has grown several hundred percent in a few decades.  Whhhaaaaattttt?  …again.

– The poverty roles have increased significantly in the past decade.

– Many middle class people when they hear social services, think lazy generational dysfunctional poor – not their own mom on social security or medicare/medicaid.  I have relatives who now go to the medical clinic for the poor because they can’t afford the insurance that would cost 40% of their income.

– The politics are so polarized and degenerative that it is now considered weak or betrayal to work bi-partisan.  The answers rather than being worked out together, are not done by holding their own party hostage, vilanizing any opponent (I’m not talking about the “other party”…they are outright enemies… but I’m talking about their own parties.

– There is no longer a moral compass of right and wrong… even when it hurts society, hurts individuals – it’s about “rights” and the god of freedom over anything and everything.

– The church sees civic national religion as the guiding force and value system, not the Kingdom or Jesus… example:  Jesus would be against the Wall Street Sit in and would be for the market guys who wag the dog and get us into wars for profit, and convince the public that their sons and daughters die for freedom rather than share prices.

I’m sad and call for the church to move to the margin and speak into this mess and not swim in it!



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