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We don’t need no education…. another brick in the wall

This song, pounding the hearts of teens now decades ago, still has relevance…  we’re just another brick, referring to us just being filler in the makings of people more than describable in their power and abuse….

The argument contends, we will thrive without regulation… when in truth, corporations and very powerful people are like all people – we run nuts without it.  Even after the 2008 meltdown, we see the financial industry gone crazy fighting regulations and skirting the edges and running basically gambling operations….  When Chase loses $3B, yes, not $2B as originally reported, but $3B… and banks and Facebook are revealed as insider trading and cheats in the opening of Facebook publicly, again, how do we argue against regulation?

Who gets hurt?  Little people.

God doesn’t like cheats and power abusers.  One only has to read Isaiah, Matthew, Psalms, and the list goes on…  He really doesn’t like powerful people who abuse little people.  I’m glad to be little people though.

Theology (studying God) isn’t that hard…  it’s not abstract ideas… The 10 Commandments are simple – 3 about loving God, 7 about loving each other.  Hmmm.



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