A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Stop, think, listen…

In the American approach – there is “one approach”… our way.  In the “church”, it’s no different, basically copy whomever found success with a methodology, giving homage, and no more, to the overflow of the Spirit from authentic personal and collective life with God… it’s the methodology, ROI, action is our mantra.
We seldom get serious about being missiologists in the given cultures in which we live and engage.  Rather than coming into a context, actually listening to the people in the context and to the Spirit’s leading, no I said REALLY listen…  we have predigested methodology, tactics, strategy.  Maybe, as we fail (there is such a huge, huge departure from church in the past ten years that every major movement/denomination is concerned, even the Southern Baptists…  guess Saddleback’s quick fix didn’t work world wide after all (?), maybe, just maybe we can stop thinking presumptively and can begin thinking humbly as missionaries, here to first understand before opening our mouths….and by the way, that’ll take 6-12 months of listening… I know, funny how God just doesn’t function according to ROI and efficiently.

Mike’s counsel:


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