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SOS Part 2

The day after publishing the blog before this one, SOS (part 1), the dominant news story was the drastic cuts in the state’s university systems…. UNO losing $9M in next year’s budget…  SO, they’ll “get” another 10% increase in tuition.

BUT – he’s “building the state” and the lemmings follow and cheer because revenue (taxes) were cut…for the people…

So, which people?


You know, in the 1st century, the Sadducees were the top 2% of the population in Palestine, now occupied and carved up into three provinces of the Roman Empire.  The Sadducees were liberal in theology – hence justifying their world view of consuming their nation’s best at the cost of the 98%.  The Rich Young Ruler was one such young man.  As a teen ager, some how he knew something was wrong and he was lost.  If only our leaders would be so honest.
God judges those who rule unjustly, and there is no publicist lobbying for one before the Creator God.


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