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Quote from an author and the reality of theology

Okay, was listening to the spot on literature, right after the news on NPR, right before it goes into music for the day.  Each day, an author is featured, a quick bio snap shot shared…  While I”ll not quote this accurately, may the author forgive me.  What she said has stayed in my mind and carries a prophetic edge.  I need to share it:

“When some one says, ‘You can’t be too sentimental,’ they are about to be cruel.  When some one says, ‘We must be realistic’, there is a lot of money involved and they are about to be the beneficiary.”


Thought provoking.


A few years ago, in an effort to explain why we need people living incarnationally as missionaries IN the US, not just over seas in quick photo shoot support raising contexts, we used to say that “We have the same tried and true theology.  We’re merely advocating a new methodology.”  Over time, studying the Scriptures, striving to embrace what is it to be Christ-like ones, imitating Him here, we’ve come to a huge conclusion, “No, we’re saying there is something messed up in our theology and yes, we’re advocating a new theology.”  It’s not stated, but it’s understood and lived out, it’s communicated without ever directly saying it.

We’ve come to understand being a Christian as “knowing the right truths”.  Then if we do some sin management of the obvious odious sins, we’re good.  To be spiritually mature is to know lots of facts, parse a few Greek words and know what Driscol or MacArthur, or even NT Wright says…  Yet, when you look at Jesus – the truth is paramount, but it is paramount ONLY in the context of living it out – our orthopraxy (straight practice)… the way of life – how we live, the real deal.  When you look at Jesus, He constantly reinterpreted theology in how one lives.  Period.
Our American justification of national religion, empire, greed, power over the disenfranchised – well – it’s not cool, not what Jesus calls us to and when you read Jesus, well, He’s clear that He’s much more concerned about how we live than the details of the tertiary theological arguments.  And the Father, well Him to…  Jesus started His public ministry with reading Isaiah 61.  Go give it a read….


Peace and may you fall in love with living your live as a sacrifice.


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