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What if the Kingdom and Gospel Jesus Announced was…

What if the Kingdom and Gospel Jesus announced was not as the Bible records, but

  • was to build your barns and store up your treasures;
  • to trust in yourself & your abilities;
  • if you should invest in the kingdoms of this world;
  • if it was to not worry about the poor and help only those who deserve it and earn it…and then not too much;
  • if comfort was central the saint’s life;
  • if risk aversion was our goal; if status and power, fame and advancement were His priorities;
  • if ease was His promise;
  • if He said to get in the power positions to influence and even run the earthly governments;
  • if He told us to be sensible and not be radical…certainly not suffer, die or be persecuted;
  • if He understood how strong the world’s pull is and said, “Aw, shucks, alright, go have fun, the holiness thing can wait;
  • if it was okay to not love your neighbor, after all it might be awkward
  • if he tisked at the adulterous woman and called her a slut, and said she deserved it, telling the guys to stone her;
  • If instead of dinner with Matthew, he went to dinner with the Pharisees;
  • If instead of sleeping in poor environs, he slept in the palace as the King’s guest;
  • If instead of riding a donkey, he rode a chariot with a legion in escort;
  • If He sent storms instead of calming them;
  • If He went to the influential instead of to the poor and hurting;
  • If the rich young ruler was given sound investment and education advice because that would make Him happy instead of selling it all;
  • If celebrated during that last supper instead of shaping his people for the future?

What if that were true?

But, it’s not….  You know what He’s called us to.  You know why these things ring close to home for us.  You feel the discontinuity of our relationship with the kingdoms of this world, don’t you?!!!


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