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Governor, please

Bad News:  Louisiana is broke [lots of opinion on that, but not here]Good News:  We’re not as broke as many!
Bad News:  New Orleans is broke…  Hurricane Katrina still got us down
Good News:  Every indicator is on the way up – way up.

Bad News – the posting previous to this regarding the Governor making massive cuts that are really, really going to hurt people just got worse…  THREE postings this week – and today in the Times-Picayune (our daily rag) spell out that there may be hospital closures around the state due to the cuts – in other words – we as a people are not going forward together – we can afford to let poor people suffer and even die.  I’m ashamed of my state, governor and legislature.

LA Cuts Medicare to the Bone

LSU making $15 million in cuts to Interim LSU Public Hospital

No Plan in Place for Dealing with Cuts to LSU Hospital System
None of us like having to raise taxes – on anyone – but – I would hope most of us hate people dying more.  We….the people….. WE…… WE…… WE…….


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