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Do people matter enough to give up 11¢?

I guy I know wrote this blog… It takes one of the hot social-political issues and make it human.  He does a good job and hence, my recommendation to you:

I Will Pay 11 Cents — A Response to Papa John’s

by Spencer Burke Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

I’ll pay 11 cents,

If you will provide health care for the people who work for you.

I’ll pay 11 cents,

To make sure a single mom does not have to take on a 2nd or 3rd job for the needed medical care of her children.

I’ll pay 11 cents,

To make sure that all of your work force – regardless of pre-existing conditions will be guaranteed the same care as their co-workers.

I’ll pay 11 cents,


For the family that has a college student who can barely pay tuition – but now can be covered at no extra charge till she is 25.

I’ll pay 11 cents,

To relieve the emergency rooms and personnel that are being used for primary care for the uninsured.

I’ll pay 11 cents,

So that a father will never have to choose again between the life of his child or a life of overwhelming medical debt.

I’ll pay 11 cents,

And I hope you would be willing to pay 11 cents for me and my family too…

My daughter was born 1 lb. 13 oz. and spent her first hundred days of life in a little plastic box at Hoag hospital. The medical bills totaled over $500,000. We as a family would have been doubly devastated – the pre-mature birth of Grace at 27 weeks and a mountain of medical debit that we would probably never be able to repay.

This is a response / support for Papa John’s report that I may have to pay as much as 11 – 15 cents more per pizza for them to be able to provide health care for their work force.

I know this has become a very politically charged topic. My intent is to personalize the issue for you, me and my neighbor.

So no matter what your party affiliation or income bracket – let’s begin to talk to each other. Papa John’s has quantified what it will cost to provide health care for their workers. And that cost may need to be passed on to us. All I am trying to say – if you need me to pay a little more and you will take care of those who work for you – then I am in.

Spencer Burke is the creator of www.TheOOZE.com, host of ThinkFWD and the author of many books including: Making Sense of Church and A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity.


Orinigally published in Red Letter Christians


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