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Obey or not to Obey.

For those who have HATED many of the things I’ve written about regarding what I see God Himself calling us to live and to prophetically call my friends, family, supporters and detractors to live also…because it is non-negotiable, not able to justify away in how we live;  this is a speaach by a pastor, professor from Yale (a true believer) teaching/speaking at BIOLA.  It is soft, gentle, and profound.  I challenge those who hold to “it is a personal choice and act of conscience how much…”.  It is a challenge to those who have justified the poor as all lazy (actually ONLY a tiny % of the poor are so).  I challenge those who think anything we do, we do from a free choice, charity, pity and not duty (Matthew 27 settles that).  I challenge those who live in concert and comfort with our materialistic, consumer, enlightenment worldly philosophy of “mine” where one believes he/she can live in harmony with this world and be a Christian.

This will fly in the face of our national religion, our marriage of culture and faith.  It will fly in the face of the very mores of our society.  Our society is not Biblical.  It is not about charity-it is about our own souls… it is about our dependence upon, our obedience, our stewardship of what God calls us to contribute to he Kingdom – our part in the Kingdom.

This was shared by Matt, a member of Communitas during discussions we’ve had in our weekly time called, Learning Community.  Thanks, Matt.
This video is of Dr. Wolterstoriff at BIOLA.  Enjoy his wisdom and Holy Spirit piercing words.

From our church fathers from the 3d & 4h centuries:

“Will not one be called a thief who steals the garment of one already clothed.  And is one deserving of any other title other than thief who does not cloth the naked if he is able to do so?  That bread that you keep belongs to the hungry.  That coat which you preserve in your wardrobe belongs to the naked.  Those shoes that are rotting in your possession belongs to the shoeless.  That gold which you have hidden in the ground belongs to the needy.  Wherefore as often as you were able to help those, so often did you wrong them.”
~  St Basil 330-379AD

“Not from your own do you betow upon the poor man, but you return to him what is his.”
~ St Ambrose

“This is also is theft, not to share one’s possessions.  Perhaps this statement seems surprising to you, but do not be surprised.  I shall bring you testimony from the Divine Scriptures, saying that to take other people’s goods, but also the failure to share one’s goods, is theft and swindle and fraud.  The rich man is a kind of steward of the money which is owed for distribution to those who are poor.  He is directed to distribute it to his fellow servants [of Christ] who are in want.  For if he spends more on himself than his need requires, he will pay the harshest penalty here after.  For his own goods are not his own, but belong to his fellow human beings.  The poor man has but one plea;  his want and his standing in need.  Don’t require anything else from him.  BUT even if he is the wickedest of all people, and at a loss for his own sustenance, let us free him from hunger.  The alms giver is a harbor for those in necessity.  A harbor receives all who have encountered shipwreck and frees them from danger, escorts them into its own shelter.  So you likewise, when you see the person who has encountered the shipwreck of poverty, don’t judge him.  Don’t seek an account of his life, but free him from his misfortune.  Need alone is the poor man’s worthiness.  …We don’t show mercy because of his manner, but because of his misfortune in order that we might receive from our Divine Master His great mercy.  I beg you remember this without fail, that not to share our wealth with the poor is theft from the poor and deprivation of their means of life.  We don’t possess our own wealth but theirs.
~ St John Christophermos (criticized the empress for her jewelry and was kicked out of Constantinople).  He was preaching this just after New Year’s


So where does this socialism come from?

Psalm 72 – Command to the King – not charity, but duty

Micah 6.8

Isaiah 10.1-2

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 61

Matthew 27

There are hundreds more, but this will do fine.


Professor Wolterstorff is the Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology at Yale University and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia. He is a past president of the American Philosophical Association and the Society of Christian Philosophers. He has held professorships at Calvin College and Yale University as well as visiting professorships at Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and Notre Dame. He has been awarded several prestigious lectureships including the Gifford Lectures at the University of Aberdeen, The Wilde Lectures at Oxford University and the Stone Lectures at Princeton Seminary.


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