A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

What a people!

You stop for just a minute and think…. these people, these strange, exhilarating people of New Orleans!

They’ve survived war, colonial wrestling, forced annexation (twice), occupation by foreign powers (three times), three secessions, countless, did I say COUNTLESS hurricanes, yellow fever, fire, carpet baggers (late 1860’s & late 2000’s), BP oil spill, two depression/recessions, the rise and fall of cotton, oil and the years when the Saints were the ‘Aints.

AND yet, she stands here, defiant, tough, gritty, chin locked jaw into the wind…. she’s got the happiest people, who roll with it and keep on going AND she’s the fastest growing city in the US and the top destination for entrepreneurs…
She’s the heart of soul, jazz, food and a “get a life” attitude.  Where else would one want to be!?  What a people!
As we batten down for Tropical Storm Isaac, I watch with amazement… It’s no wonder Detroit and New Yorkers get along with New Orleanians so well…

I love these crazy people!


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