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Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago, I sat much as I am today, looking out the window at a hurricane.  This isn’t about this small storm.  This is about remembering “that storm” which killed over 2000 Americans, costs HUNDREDS of billions of government, municipal and personal monies and continues to cost people money (as our present and coming experience with sheet rock dry wall looms).
I write to offer the appropriate and obligatory moment of reflection for the loss, pain, ongoing pain, and near death of a global treasure and beloved US city.  I also write to demand for the future…  Be it hurricane, or oil disaster, we must demand that business and government, who can now hurt so many, even when they didn’t mean to…where oops my bad doesn’t work, become more responsible, more responsive, more mature in their decision making in regards to risk.

Hurricane Katrina’s disaster on the city was completely avoidable, as has been proven over and over, and this video again shows.  New Orleans could have been the major launch point for aiding the wrecked coastal areas around the city after Katrina, instead of a spectacle for TV news for months on end.  BP’s Gulf disaster was completely avoidable.  They didn’t even plan for such a disaster, did no research, no “what if’s”.   Their penalty – pennies compared to record profits…no penalty to get the attention of the industry.


Profits don’t matter when we kill our own people.  We must demand that government hold people of such egregious negligence responsible and that they deal with it accordingly, instead of cowering at the sign of big lobbyist power.

This is important for God’s people simply because it is about lives, and the abuse of people.  We must be the advocates for people who are abused and aboused by neglect.



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