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So, after Newtown, what is our right Biblical response?

This famous saying was a blessing for another, “May you be covered in your masters/Rabbi’s dust.”  Simply, this means you follow Him so closely, emulating everything He does that in the dusty 1st century you would be covered in His dust because you were so much like Him, following Him that close.  In this heated debate over guns, may we STOP being Americans – may we be Ambassadors (Ambassadors do NOT represent their views ever-but the one who sent them) and servants of Christ to the world to which we are sent.

I am asking that US saints, stop and distinguish Biblically Christ’s values, character and mandate from those of the world and the US national religion, tainted with mores of our host culture and over zealous patriotism that can’t read the Word clearly.

I’m not a total passivist.  I believe in evil and therefore, I believe in the police and right honorable armies.  That’s complex.  It’s hard in a complex world,  but my line is somewhere with sovereign authority (Romans 12)….  Would I defend my loved ones, or strangers?  You bet… BUT the gun conversation is way past my Biblical convictions.  I get emails – liberal, wacko, why stir the boat… uhm…  I don’t seek it – I do burn that what I see us doing is not Biblical.  I am ordained and called, consecrated to be His witness…  so, if I am quiet in what I see as a uniquely American church position, and not Biblical, heretical in fact, then I cannot be quiet.

If I look at Scripture, what I see –
Emulate Christ – the humble one (Philippians 2.5-11)
Fight for Justice, peace and the weak (Isaiah 58 & 61 (Jesus’ mandate by the way))
Have a character about me – Galatians 5.22-23 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Love, serve, sacrifice (Colossians 3)
Matthew 5 (dude…. woe)
Romans 12.9ff (bless those who persecute you… it’s how China has seen the church grow!)
Ephesians 6 (weapons are not of this world… but….)
*We all know this is a SMALL example of the expansive list. 

Throughout history, love wins, not self preservation; not rights; not reason…. it is not reasonable to sacrifice.  It is not self preservation Bonhoffer chose.  It is not fighting guns with guns that wins the Upside Down Kingdom, but love….  Yes.  It costs.

I agree, fight evil – absolutely… want to win?  Then love the unlovable.  Adore the fatherless, cherish the widow, help those in need, share beyond the excess till it really costs you, invest your live into others that they might taste and see that He IS good… the fragrance of the humble Christ is overwhelming.  This is how we fight this evil.

By the way, there is no explanation for this insanity like Newtown, or the many others.  It is evil and demonic on multiple levels.  It is a sign of the times.  My greatest encouragement is for saints to recognize the signs of the [end] times and live like it.  Thus, live every day radically for the Kingdom, for the Christ, and emulating Him!  Anticipate His return (Advent) and His justice.  Until then, we give ourselves away.





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