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The world really wants us to be like Jesus

For all the secularization, remarks about the church being out of touch, passé, and part of the problem (not always without merit), it is amazing that the world – the lost and messed up world, really, really, really does want the church to be the church, to be like Christ and to lead them towards a better world, life and future.

I’ve never, never seen such a gathering of attention on the change of a pope as there is this time, nor such an excitement about this Pope, this guy who is so dangerously different and like Christ… no laud, no exultation, just humility and the press has not missed it and in a new way is reporting it differently, speaking for the world – they need hope, they need a leader, they need a voice calling out for us to imitate Christ as that person imitates Christ.

I’ve prayed for years for a renewal, a restoration, a revival from the church.  To be honest, I’ve never seen it occur from the seat of power.  Could our prayers have some measure of answer when the most unlikely calls his deputies to become more like Jesus?

Dare we hope?  Dare we celebrate?  Date we smile, even if yet from the corner of our mouths?

I dare.


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