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Messianic Overtones of Superman new movie

Seeing a lot of references by the secular world to the new Superman Movie – and the Messianic overtones.

One quick watch of the trailer and you’ll get why… note the words chosen, the hope inspired, the rejection by the “world”, etc…  Even the “S” is a symbol from his original planet for “hope”.



Exciting, funny, amusing, bewildering and sad how the world loves the hope of a savior, the joy of one for us, but rejects Him.  Funny how they even copy the story, but reject Him.  Why can they not embrace the Christ?  Why do they reject the creator who loves us so?  Do we have anything to do with that perception that alienates the world?  Not just “us” but “us through history”… from our arrogance today, empire today and yesterday, Crusades, inquisitions, slaughter of other peoples, marriage of His church to governments?  Why?  Is it merely spiritual and rebellion by the creation, or is it a complex mire of all?

More than that – what are we to do, say, be, act, see, hear today?  How can we listen better?  How can we be humble servants – imitating Him?  How can we tear down that wall?  Is it loud in your face evangelism, or the simple servants who change one at a time?  …It worked once before, no twice…  33AD-325AD and again with Patrick’s Celtic monastic mission movement 500-1000AD.



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