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One color ponies?

Why do we color ourselves with one brush?  When we have a position “in one camp” on some issues, is there a prevailing demand and expectation that we are the same camp on every issue?  For example, I get the moral conservative nature of those of faith.  I usually agree… but why does this translate to the same one color for politics, social issues, economics?  Are we really such simple beings?

Are we not multi-hued and multi-colored?  Is not life and issues more than radical politics, social wars, moral fights?

Are we not more complex, deeper thinking?  Do we only take our que from others who have through for us?

If we live in a democracy, we a) need to be educated and thinking and b) discerning about the implications and c) willing to work with, like, unite and accept those of different convictions or we are not a democracy but a totalitarian state in the making, be it hyper liberal or hyper conservative, or hyper radical theocracy.



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