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Another joins the great cloud of witnesses

This is a simple homage to Dr. Pamela Reeve, Professor Emeritus of Multnomah University and Seminary who passed away yesterday, 5th of August 2013 at the ripe age of 96.  *Humorously, none of us knew her age!  She guarded it well! 🙂

Dr. Reeve’s accomplishments are endless and the contributions she made will astound anyone – from WWII forward!  Take a second and see her celebration on Multnomah’s web:  http://www.multnomah.edu/news/?details=521

Personally though, I do not know one, not one graduate or undergraduate who sat in her classes that did not leave changed, or impacted for the positive.  Known as trainer and mentor to Larry Crabb, Christian Counselor and prolific author, among nobodies like me…

She was definitely one of the great saints who modeled 100% of the time the most Godly honoring personalities and characters of anyone I’ve ever met.  She was a huge supporter, encourager and mentor and friend for Susanne, my wife.

Thanks to Multnomah for giving her to us – so many of us for so, so many years, and even generations!


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