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Decline of Western Civilization – sliding as we ignore it

I was alarmed last week that the young man walked into the Los Angeles International Airport and opened fire on TSA workers, lost in an insane madness and furious hatred for TSA employees.  Yes he did so with a legal Assault Rifles, hundreds of rounds and while security forces responded quickly to limit further injuries, it no longer even alarms us.

That last sentence – IT NO LONGER ALARMS US – No longer causes outrage – is one of the clearest signs of the decline of civility of what was the halmark of civilization of human kind….  where the good of all, the decency and manners and morals, and clinging to something virtuous was aspired to, taught, valued, sought after…. to be able to look others in the eyes not merely without shame, for fools should be ashamed yet are not, but having nothing to be ashamed of, was more valuable than gold.  Today, it is so the norm to self gratify, beyond pursuit of riches or power or fame (the ole vile pursuits), that I fear an imminent collapse.  I know – “Mike’s getting long in the tooth and ranting”.  Maybe so, but maybe like the Old Testament prophets who spoke messages not wanted, maybe there is something to bear in mind….

A few questions:

1.  How many mass assaults like this one have occurred THIS YEAR?  In the past five years?  Past 20?  Is the rate of these increasing?  What was the last one before this one?  Searching to even recall this?  Scary that it leaves no mark to bring it to mind quickly!

2.  How many of you reading this are yet defending “my rights” and the NRA position on freedom regarding assault rifles though they are the literal cause for high murder rates in such events…  We literally say, my right outweighs saving lives and people can die, I don’t care, I want my gun – not just my gun, but my military assault weapons with their 30-50 round magazines

3.  What is healthy and normal for sex?  It is now sooooo normal to engage in casual sex with multiple – many partners with whom there is no commitment that it is completely arcane to even mention maybe, just maybe waiting until there is a commitment (dare I say marriage) before sharing the most intiment inner part of your soul with another who is only having an orgasm with you today and another tomorrow?  I dare submit that “vaginal sex” is considered old fashioned, not waiting for the alter.  What is normal now is not even considered obscene and is spoken of in elevators and on street corners, not in the dark or with one’s most close friend.  We used to call these whores and whore mongers – now they are the upstanding, not the slimy.  Now they are the professionals, not the rif-raf.  Now parents share such behaviors with their kids and even encourage it.

4.  We’ve become such a violent society, especially the US, with highest violence rates of any western civilized nation on the planet – and we’ve been the most violent for a long time – that we don’t even think it weird to get murder, abuse, assault news and then flippantly the media anchor turns the corner to share the latest “festival” celebration this weekend with us and no one feels the jerking turn in topic.

5.  Why are we not shocked?  Why do we not say anything?

6. What percentage of men are involved in Porn?  You should look into it – it’s scary and the Christian stats are almost identical to the secular stats.

7.  What percentage of Christians actually have a Biblical, Godly world view of a) themselves; b) life and the world about them; c) God Himself?

The answer to #7 is less than 10%.  I’d recklessly say about 3-5% myself.  You see, with a secular pluralistic society, everything is legal; everything is legitimate, nothing has an anchor and the moral compass slides on the lubricant of a) my rights; b) my desires (obsessions, lusts, and they only get darker with time) and there is nothing to hold the moral line steady…  People who embrace these ever darker lifestyles and morals (or lack of) scream “freedom, rights and darker and darker realities to us…  and they get to legitimize their behaviors.  Why do the bottom shelf values get to determine our norms and what is decent?  Why does fashion, music, movies, entertainment get darker and darker and darker and further from any historical moral base we had?  It’s a farce to believe or promote the never was and never was less of a Nation under God than today… It never was our reality, but it’s far less influence than every before than right now today…  We’re not – we have no anchor and we drift darker and darker.  I am not surprised one bit that the Islamic world holds us in such indicting contempt that they literally want to destroy and bring down the west…  No wonder they spitfully scream hatred towards us.  They don’t hate the suburban mom in the van – they hate the media drenched culture we export, the immorality that now has invaded the homes of the suburban soccer moms!  Some of you cannot imagine that nice suburban soccer moms and dads are involved “Swinging” – trading sexual partners openly with the neighbors…  It’s not rare at all.  I hate our society, and totally see why the Muslims are raging mad at us and our influence on their world.
Now, this is where you expect me to call for a theocracy…  this is where one would expect me to mobilize people for the tea party or policial/social action.  Uhhh, No.

This is where I encourage you to some things far more simple and yet far more difficult:

1.  Develop a Biblical Worldview – our future is not rescuing the world or the West, or the USA by taking over the state houses and the Capital.  Our future is in personally being centered in a dependent life trusting God through the smoke and fires of life; where we are centered in our purpose on bringing the Kingdom humbly, lovingly – not in mass but in the personal relationships we have with everyone around us.

2.  Love the broken, not cursing them.  It costs to love them.  BUT they will never hear truth from a megaphone, only eye-to-eye with a person who they know loves them authentically.

3.  Become as faith communities, subversives who infiltrate the social fabric of society, not scoff and attack it – become part of the solution and in a healthy supportive way, offer and show why more moral, kinder approaches are our best options.


What if Jesus were King in your neighborhood?  Your community?  State?  Nation?  What would it look like?  What values, virtues would be practiced, evident, manifested?  So, begin behaving that way in every single encounter, every pair of eyes that meet yours… Simple and yet the hardest thing we can do.

Last, don’t expect the society to change… God could rescue us from oblivion, but I’m not holding out hope.  I’ve read the end of the story.  BUT what we’re held accountable for is nothing, nothing, nothing but who we bring with us.  May we be found “good and faithful servants of the Living God, our King.






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