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The Scary Unbiblical Privatization of Water…

Being a former military officer, a political science-history student, a missiologist and sociologist, I’ve discussed and mused over what this next century will bring.  The US & NATO correctly surmised in the 1970’s that the next wars that drug into them the western powers would be in a) Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, etc); b) SW Asia (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistand, etc); and c) Northern Africa (Somalia, Lybia, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc).  They expected the conflicts surrounding the modernizing of the Arab world (proverbially stuck in the 6th century) and oil would drive the ensuing chaos.  Well, they were correct!  I also recall that with the collapse of the Iron Curtain & the USSR, that there was pronounced a “New World Order” where there would be a synergy of Russia, the US, European powers and Chnia, and eventually India, all working together to sustain balance and peace…  we could disband our armies and turn swords into plow shares.  I scoffed as I knew it was insane and the ensuring decades would be countless brush fire wars around the glove, which were contained by the super powers forcing people caught within the illogically drawn nation state boundaries to strive for better life and there would be the classic conflict of the powerful maintaining power.  What we did not foresee was the FAR reaching impact of globalization and the irrelevance of nation states who become subservient to the global corporations whose multi-national reach far outweighs the influence and reach of nation states…  Countries become extensions of global corporate power and cartels (i.e. oil) to do their bidding at the expense of the common man, rather than the bottom line of the corporation.  No?  Iraq I, Iraq II, Lybia, and so on.  Who stood to profit?  The oil cartel.

The next frontier say the experts say is religious wars, particularly due to the cafir of the Muslim extemists, and their forced revelution, moving peasant warriors from hot spot to hot spot to stir up and achieve the goals of the elite within the radical Muslim crowd.  They have proven true.  What has not been foreseen by the national think tanks is a corporate move by billionaire robber barons of the 21st century to take control of water?  Water?  Well, they are recognizing a) climate change is creating a water crisis, on top of rising global populations;  b) more and more contaminated water sources; and c) the melting ice caps on our mountains which store and provide water through the hot months, which are approaching terminal stages of no stored water on most peaks.  Of note is that the water issues are more pronounced in the religious zealot zones of the world – and yet also in the US, where it is predicted that the deserts are going to expand rapidly to engulf the plain states, as they will not have the water to do agriculture.

The privatization of water sources has long been an extreme issue in developing nations, where rampantly corrupt government leaders get rich off selling water rights to western moguls.  It is now causing small civil wars and forcing people to leave their homes and industry, often farming, as the natural inalienable right to air and water is robbed and they cannot afford water… essential for life.  Corporate entrepreneurism seeing big $ signs at a new raw element is cornering the market on water sources and now selling what was once free…  This is now occurring in the US and Canada!  Cash strapped cities and county governments see a ways to sustain civil government by selling off natural resources once held for the public good by the public government…  but elections require money and if not to you, then to your opponent go the political contributions, now insanely no longer limited thanks to a crazy US Supreme Court ruling in 2012.

One of the greatest threats to public water remaining public is Nestlé – Nestl´’s CEO actually publicly states that he thinks public water remaining a public resource kept for people – is extreme and that the wise thing to do is privatize it and make money off it.  That they are doing it – evil; that they think this is a good idea – scary and worthy of revolution.

If you do not share a deep concern for this arriving, not coming, crisis of privatizing water sources, then I encourage you to read a few articles on this issue:






Why am I writing about this?  Simple – God’s nature about how we love Him and love one another.  There is no separation of our public behavior from our love of justice, completely innate to loving God.  God continues to mandate that we protect the vulnerable and the weak, the poor and under resourced, disadvantaged and those taken advantage of.  Simply read Isaiah 61 (Christ’s public speech in the synagogue when He went public!) or Isaiah 58, where such mongering power brokers are condemned and God’s heart is made very crystal clear, then read Psalm 2.5-12.  Then simply follow Jesus’ words – the red letters – and see what value system and what God thinks about such taking advantage and enslaving people….  The funny part is the top 1% is defended by the top 5%.  They too will be swallowed up in the power mongering, but are too blinded in ideology, the religion of capitalism, which I am convinced is the very whore of Babylon herself, to recognize and know that they are not immune to this global economy swallowing them as well.  Sure, they’ll have the longest hold out – they can afford it more – but they too will be reduced to surf status with the disappearing middle class also.

This isn’t politics for me – it is a prophetic call for saints to stop defending a political party, an economic philosophy and to imitate Jesus, to imitate our King and to promote the Kingdom… If Jesus were ruling today in our world – our governments, our businesses, our hearts, what would it look like?  What values, virtues, behaviors would be commonplace?  It would not be the mongering over water sources.  It is anti-Christ and should be denounced as such.


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