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Absurdity of Olympics in present headlines

Photo taken 18 February 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine

It is absolutely absurd!  This was my reaction as I scanned the headlines today.  We’re celebrating the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, another developing location not up to the task, that will be a wasteland afterwards…like every other developing nation’s post Olympic experience, but that is for another day, save that the depths of corruption in building this global future dump far exceeds every other developing nation’s graft and abuse.

But today, as I scan the headlines, I see the “smiling faces” of the facade in Sochi, then note everything from Ukraine violence, Venezuela – same, North Korea’s nightmare exposed…worse than Hitler, yet the world no more cares than it did in the 1930’s about Hitler – a ‘don’t bother me with the drudgery, I’m busy going to lunch, and make my latte w/ soy,please’, let us not forget Russia is propping up Iran – giving them encouragement to flaunt the UN’s mandate, China knows about North Korea and ignores it, and then of course there is the genocide in Syria… and no one cares.

Just what do we do with this?  When do we stop – crush these gross evil acts and perpetrators and then celebrate when we really have something to celebrate?  Our celebration until then is as absurd at the partying in the capital in the story and movie, Hunger Games.   It’s modern day Rome, late monarchy of France, Hitler in 1944.

The ignoring of the climate challenges we face, no matter one falls on cause, are of equal concern.  How did we become so narcissistic?

What would it take to wake us up?  We have so many people who are concerned and working to help these situations, but the VAST majority of our society ignores it, just too busy with real world demands.  I get it – but what is really important and when do we care enough to say enough slaughter, torture, abuse, insanity?

In the words of a Texas youth pastor in the 1990’s, just WWJD?


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