A reason to get out of bed every day of your life!

Sow the wind – reap the whirlwind

We watch yet another candle light vigil – tear stained eulogies by young adults with no wisdom missing people who are “watching us” while denying there is even a god, and certainly not the Living God.  Suddenly in tragedy we cannot accept a reality without god, so somehow the laws of nature have those lost senselessly watching over us.  They miss their friends’ dancing, or jokes, but have nothing else they can recall.

What is worse though is that in a society without God – the Living God – we have a secular empty, shallow people who have no hope, no compass, no anchor, or purpose, nothing greater than themselves.  Thus their stomach is their god.  They live to simply temporarily gratify their insatiable passions, lusts (undeniable desires that are ever famished) for more, not able to gratify, not able to appease, so they live without thinking, enslaved to the latest cultural wave as if that hair cut, new fashion is a reason to get up in the morning.  They are enslaved to empty senseless wisdom from dumb sages, who tell them what is “cool” (acceptable) and has meaning.

There are those who cannot gratify their lusts and with time enrage and come to such senseless selfishness to hurt others because they cannot get their way.  Hurt people hurt people…

This is the end of western society… it was for Rome and we are not exempt either.


So, just why do you get out of bed in the morning?


I exhort that we seek to center and simplify…

1.  Center – make God our compass, our anchor, our purpose, our motivation, our rule, our standard.  That living FOR Him, UNDER Him, WITH Him, FOLLOWING Him our reason to get up!

2.  Simplify – Stop being blindly unconsciously led by such a stupid empty foolish society…  Simplify!  Simplify in our aspirations; dump materialism; dump social status; dump being entertained to death; dump status; dump consumption; dump the fast lane; dump social and economic ladder climbing; dump the dump empty social markers of success in life; dump cool; dump fashion; dump chic standards that make us superior to others; dump indi “in” cult cool; dump the latest; dump out rebellious culture; dump our celebrity worship; dump our reputations; dump our rights…  center and make relating, knowing and communing with God our center.


peace, joy, grace,

+ mike




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