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We are now “them” – Our American – even New Orleanian – “Krystal Nacht”

What in the heck is wrong with us as a people?  Treachery from one of the most tolerant cities in the western world….

Our democracy (picture Norman Rockwell’s painting of the man standing up in a community meeting and having his say…) where everyone is “supposed” to have his/her say – where power transitions peacefully with the power of the people… to today’s ugly mean spirited vilifying political campaigns (thank you super PAC’s)… to NAZI GERMANY 1933… [see article below]

It has begun.  Right here in New Orleans where nothing gets the people too upset…where a republican can still be HAPPILY married to a democrat, or even a socialist, it has landed on our doorstep!  This violence at some one involved in the political process is beyond hate – it is the outright criminal political activity we see in supposedly far less stable parts of the world where people will attack and murder some one for a different view of solving OUR common issues, challenges and problems!

Thank you Super PAC’s for creating the hate mongering violence we clucked our tongues at in more extreme nations… wait, we are now them!


SEE ARTICLE ON POLITICAL HATE ATTACK IN NEW ORLEANS 6 November 2014: http://www.wwltv.com/story/news/crime/2014/11/06/prytania-fire-home/18590919/


There is a dark “hatefulness” over taking us as a people….  We hate anyone who differs with us, is different than us.  We vilify foreigners, ethnic groups, nations, political systems different from us – internal & external… (just reflect on every ad prior to Tuesday!) and we’re more and more predisposed to violence… be it war or violence against anyone daring to think differently than us.  We idealize the 1950’s as if everyone was the same… they simply disagreed peacefully and respectfully between political parties, but wait…maybe not… only between republicans and democrats, but we then had state sponsored terrorism against any other political conviction (McArthy anyone?) and unless you were born with black skin… then you were free game.  The 1950’s were good and bad and we are returning to terror – violent terror in our politics…

Can I suggest a third way?  This friend’s wisdom, thoughtfulness and insights are a great read and a great response to this hate displayed today in my own city.  His name is Alan Cross.  He recently released a book, When Heaven and Earth Collide: Racism, Southern Evangelicals, and a Better Way of Jesus.  Even if you are secular, Jewish, Muslim, etc – this book has a REAL pragmatic approach that yes, is truly “red letter” Christian, but it is a way that will pull your heart towards a new posture in being a citizen and person.  I strongly recommend this read!

YOU, WE – individually & collectively – need to be concerned about the direction we’re going!  We all must stop falling into the trap of “hating”, condemning, disrespecting, dismissing anyone and any message different than us.  We must stop watching the programs (i.e. sorta news casts), listening to the pundits (pick your side’s shock jock) and reading (politicizing facades masquerading as journalism) and start thinking critically – that is to understand all sides of an argument.  The right champions the right of the individual – slaves to the enlightenment – and ignores the social – common good;  the democrats champion the group and ignore moral responsibility of the individual or collective responsibility for the individual  – slaves to the same enlightenment.  With no compass, it is no surprise we’re lost at sea in this horrible mess and growing storm.  May we stop being so d*** adolescent and grow up, listen well before we speak – understand before we form conclusions, be open to critique of our own argument…  It is what education is supposed to build into us.  We WILL NOT SURVIVE as a free society into the future if we do not heed this.  Today, November 2014, the political right wins… tomorrow – see all social trending – the left will succeed and win.  Neither conclusion is good for us – the right needs the left; the left needs the right!  ONLY then does this prevent extremism where one side is totally intolerant of the other… sort of like the Tea Party’s hi-jacking of the GOP!

Above, Montgomery Alabama 1961… Attending a wedding of an extended relative in 2012, a great aunt made a comment that is “shortened” to this, “Those busy body yankees came down and stirred our up nigras (N word + negro… this allowing southern Baptists to use the N word but be Christian about it).  They were perfectly fine and happy until those yankees stuck their nose into our business.”  In other words, our “way of life” where we rule, make the rules, benefit from said rules and lord over a servant class was great… for us… and we had them in their place and they liked it; being poor, discriminated against, having no say, being made to be scape goats, used and consumed to do what we don’t want to do..

I’ve heard so many arguments about “them” imposing their views upon me, from left and right – but the blind spot is that what is really being said is that “WE” want to impose our view upon “them”… what we want is OUR right way…  This huge blind spot and resumption of moral high ground is very dangerous and adolescent.

If we can attack some one who is participating in the political system and for a candidate that is not my party, just what would the next step in destroying a democratic republic look like?  Did you know that when the US State Department works internationally to help nation build with new emerging democracies that they do NOT help them build a US form of republic?  They help them build a British parliamentary system, to prevent massive one sided government, forcing more conciliatory working together?  Think about it in our own nation!


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