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A Lil Rant – regular ole preach up!


A preach up!

Today I had the privilege to preach Pentecost!  This was as the church filled with “billows of smoke” (as it says in Acts 2!)…  I took a risk – time to speak plain, to give it straight from what I felt the Spirit saying.  I had pondered this message for three weeks – how Pentecost was already an established feast, what it was, why Peter quoted Joel, the context for Joel’s prophesy, the implications of the day, how the birth of the church, the coming of the Spirit was not a reaction – but God’ plan from the beginning and the mandate we have as a result of it!   It went really well – only offended a few (unintentionally!), but most loved it – though it pricked them to incarnate their neighbourhoods as the body of Christ!

I don’t often push the recordings out there, but thought I might share it with you while it’s hot off the press.  If you are in need of a laugh, want to do a little critique, give it a listen.  

Click here to listen


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